Candlemakers, farmers and homesteaders – Jack and Jill of all trades!

Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County Virginia

Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County Virginia

Years ago, moved to a beautiful piece of land in Floyd County, Virginia, where we lived in an old trailer with no electricity or running water. Back then, beeswax candles were our only source of light at night. It became obvious that we should make our own candles. And then our family started asking to buy them… and then our friends did…

Next thing we knew, we were in business!

The great thing is that we REALLY like beeswax. And we have so much fun making our own molds and experimenting with techniques and, particularly, seeing how many candles we can make in our 47 square feet of studio space!

God’s grace has given us the chance to live the life we love. It ain’t easy, but here we are!

We hope you like our candles!

Emily & Arthur McKay